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From Latin American Farms to the US Market

LAP is an import and distribution company that brings specialty food products from Latin-America to the US market


How can something that tastes so delicate, mellow and silky be one of the most powerful natural health weapons? It's because our organic Green Tea is minimally processed to protect and concentrate the antioxidant potency of the leaves. Low in caffeine, Green Tea improves heart function, immunity, metabolism, cholesterol, blood sugar, and may even fight cancer. Be good to yourself and enjoy a cup.

Tika Artesan Chips Patagonia

Hand cooked crisps of sweet potatoes, exotic potatoes and beetroots. A revolutionary combination of five crunchy crisps, made from colourful native vegetables, harvested by men and women on the southern end of the world. These delicious and elegant mix, totally artisanal, create a healthy, exotic and innovative snack. Simply irresistible...

High quality Garlic Toston Chips directly from Ecuador. Healthy snack, Non GMO, 100% Natural, 0% Trans Fat and No Cholesterol. 

LAP Import has presence in more than 1.500 retail stores within the NYC area, and currently expanding to the whole country

+ Maqui Berry Drink 

Healthy and refreshing natural antioxidant drinks. The best flavor of berries and the highest antioxidant power in the market. Contains no artificial coloring or flavoring. Free of fat and saturated fats. Low sodium contribution


Product obtained from the cassava (Manihotesculenta of the family Euphorbiaceae), to which the peel has been removed, subjected to the frying process and salt has been added.

Our business model is focused on helping small and medium producers from Latin-America to export their products and build their brands into the US market

Traditionally, it has been used as medicine against
sore throats, infections and colds during the winter.
Its special taste with a note of caramel makes it an
excellent companion of fruits and various deserts,
perfect for anyone who loves sweet sensations.

Nün Seaweed Foods

Wheat & Chilean Seaweed

Multipurpose flour made with selected Chilean grains and seaweed, processed in origin to preserve all its nutritional properties.

It is characterized by its high nutritional content:
   · 0% Cholesterol
   · Low in Total Fat
   · Good source of Fiber
   · Good source of  Vitamin D
   · Good source of Iron

A complete protein and fantastic wheat-free alternative directly

from Chile.

A different option for people who cannot eat gluten in their diet.

Cooked quinoa seeds become fluffy and creamy, yet maintains a slight crunch. It has a delicate and subtly nutty flavor, versatile for breakfast (as a cereal), lunch (as a salad) or dinner (as a side).

Blend of fruity flavor, with clear notes of fig leaves and fresh olives, you can also find notes of green apple.

Due to the characteristics and tradition of Lolol, commune of Chile, the olives are harvested by hand and carefully chosen by the local people, who have worked in this work since colonial times. 

Premium Mayonnaise, with a homemade flavor that does not carry an egg as an ingredient, becoming a 100% vegetable dressing. It has fewer calories than regular mayonnaise and has no trans fat since it is soy based.

100% Organic Maqui Berry Powder, from freeze drying, milling and selection process. Delicious Patagonian native fruit powder, for your smoothie, yogurt, dessert and others.

This Maqui berry Powder is Non GMO, Gluten Free, 100% RAW and Vegan.

High natural source of antioxidants

SOW White Chia Seeds

  • All Natural

  • Plan Based Protein

  • High Omega 3



SOW Chia Pasta Penne

Chia pasta, corn and rice. 100% natural ingredients, provide fiber, antioxidants and many vitamins, which transform them into a healthy, natural pasta, which also has no colorings or preservatives and provides countless benefits to people's health.


SOW Chia Oil

SOW chia oil is cold pressed, does not use chemicals or solvents in the process, obtaining extra virgin oil.

Concentrates more than 63% of Omega-3ALA (alpha linoleic), is essential for the development of children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Suitable for the consumption of the whole family.